Holy cow transitions are no joke.

I’ve heard people say “life transitions are hard” And I thought I knew what that meant.

But apparently I did not

Because resigning from jobs

…searching for jobs

…..not finding the dream jobs you had hoped

…….working other great jobs while you await a sign of what’s next to come


And I don’t mean heard on ME. I mean hard on my RELATIONSHIP. Hard on my CHILDREN…and ya, I guess I do mean hard on me too.

I have not really given myself the time or space to work through these transitions. It’s been just “full steam ahead.” I’ve always had the attitude of “if you work hard enough, you’ll get what you want’ but really the attitude I am realizing is more necessary here is “if you work hard enough you get what you NEED.” (isn’t there a Rolling Stones song about that?…..)

And apparently I need this.

I need this struggle.

I need this mountain to climb

I need this challenge to work through.

Because if I didn’t need it, it wouldn’t be here.

So I’m over here, trying to figure out what I’m meant to be learning. There is of course the obvious ones:

  • Patience
  • Letting go of control
  • Trust
  • Faith

Yadda yadda yadda. You know, the “sunday school answers.”

But what am I personally meant to learn from this?

What about you? Maybe you don’t even recognize the transitions you’re going through in life at the moment because you’re full speed ahead, just GOING FOR IT. I get it. I’m that person too.

But I think we’re always going through a transition. Always. Especially if we have kids. Every day seems like something new.

Also especially if we have a partner in life. We can’t get comfortable in that relationship, we need to ALWAYS be working on making it the best it can be. Otherwise, before we know it, we’re nit-picking and fault-finding and frustrated all the time.

How am I so wise? How do I know all this stuff about you and your life? CAUSE IT’S MY LIFE! And I’m learning that we are all so connected, we are all seriously brothers and sisters in this journey of life, we all have so much more in common than we do different.

So, here’s to transitions.

Here’s to seeking grace in the transition and offering grace. To ourselves and to others.


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