Joy: Day 1

30 Day Challenge: Joy

Day 1: How is joy different from happiness?

It’s Sunday. Also known as the Sabbath. I feel like this question was really fitting for today, mainly because the answer for me is of a spiritual nature and Sunday is a day I like to set aside for things of a spiritual nature (I wish I was better at being spiritual everyday all day, but I’m still working on that…and will probably ALWAYS be working on that!)

For me, the main difference between joy and happiness is that joy can only come when we are focused on others and when we are centered spiritually. Happiness can be fleeting and many times comes because we are centered only on ourselves. We feel joy when we are spiritually connected to God/the Universe/the Holy Spirit/whatever word you use.

Joy can be built upon and strengthened. We can have joy even in times of trial and tribulation.

Joy is the purpose of life!

This is how I think joy is different from happiness.

How about you? Are you joining me for the 30 day Challenge on Joy? What do you think? Feel free to write about it and share!


joy is not the absence of suffering.

Tomorrow’s prompt: Who are the people who bring you joy and brighten your day?

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