It’s one of those days.

You know….THOSE days.

The days when nothing seems to feel just right. The days when nothing seems to go just right.

I woke up with a feeling that I was forgetting something. I hate waking up with that feeling.

Then we had to RUSH out the door to get to school on time.

Then I came home to a sick husband (well…..man-cold. Definitely not the same as sick to a mother!) (…..sorry Ian…..) and an adorable 16 month old obsessively watching Baby Einstein. He’d been watching it for a good 20 minutes already. And I’m one of those mom’s that feels like screen time should be pretty limited for the little ones. Pretty limited…as in…hardly any. But when man-cold sets in, Baby Einstein to the rescue!

Then my brain decided to think about all the things. ALL the things.

How I want to sell our house so we can buy an RV and hit the road.

…..yet we still need to paint the back of the house (the front was painted a year ago…)

How I have bills due

…..yet not enough income to cover them because our income dropped 78% in the past year

How I have homework due for my women’s health class

…..but I can’t quiet my brain enough to focus and get it done

How my arthritic hips hurt from sitting too long, or standing too long…or anything too long

….but there isn’t enough epsom salt in the world to make it ache less

Yet this ties in perfectly with day 4 of the #30dayJOYchallenge

The prompt for today is: How can you remain joyful in troubling situations?

I’d say today counts as a troubling situation for me. I’m having a hard time finding the joy. I’m having a hard time smiling. I’m having a hard time being positive and happy. I’m having a hard time being a good wife (*cough* man-cold) 

So what have I done? I’ve gone on a walk. I’ve listened to music. I’ve taken a nap. I’ve played with my baby. I’ve laid down with my dogs and petted the heck out of them. I’ve cleaned up my house. I’ve written. I’ve engaged with friends on social media. I’ve perused instagram and pinterest for uplifting quotes.

I’ve become very mindful and purposeful about finding joy during these hours of internal struggle. Because though the struggle is real, it does not have to control my mood or my surroundings. It is truly what it is. I cannot control the struggle.

But what I can control is my response to it.

And I can choose joy.

And that is how I remain joyful in troubling situations.

martha washington_


What about you?

Tomorrow’s prompt (day 5 of the #30dayJOYchallenge):

How can you depict something joyful to others without using the word joy?

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