On Vulnerability…again

A little over a year ago, I published THIS blog post on my old blog.

It quickly became my most read post.

And then…I had to make it private.

I couldn’t bring myself to delete it, I had bared my HEART and SOUL in the words which came out of my fingers, onto the keyboard and out into the interwebs. But there were politics involved, and I was asked to take it down by people who are dear to me. So I did. But now? Now there is nothing left to lose. Nothing at stake. The school that I started has been closed down (something I never thought would happen) there is no harm my truth and vulnerability can create for myself or those I love.

So, here it is again. Some pretty intense back story to where we are today.

I wonder where we’ll be next year at this time…

(and I can’t WAIT for that adventure to show itself!)


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