Knickerbocker Flower Farm

In 2019, I decided it was time for a completely new chapter in my life.

After much stress and pain, I knew my body and brain and heart were telling me we needed to change directions (well, my therapist and family members told me too…so I guess they should get credit as well!)

Thus began my search for “what’s next?”

Starting at 10 years old, I fell in love with flowers. I loved planting them, I loved working with them in the soil. I loved arranging them. I loved having them around me all the time. I loved walking through the aisles of the garden center, marveling at the different colors and shapes.

I will never forget: I had earned some money and went to the store with my mom and sisters. While they were in the toy aisle, I was in the plant aisle. They ended up spending their money on a toy, as most young children do…and I spent mine on a succulent. I think I even named it (boy I wish I could remember what I named it! Probably “George” or something like that. The weirdness is strong in this one)

So, midlife crisis/new chapter in life, whatever you’d like to call it, happens in 2019. Husband had been unemployed for 10 months. I’d been the Doctor’s office or Hospital every 2 weeks. It’s time for a drastic change in my life.

Enter: Knickerbocker Flower Farm

Knickerbocker Flat Road is the pothole prevalent dirt road I grew up on. It’s where my love of flowers began.

And so when I decided to become a flower farmer (because that’s what you do right? You just DECIDE to do something drastic like leave the high-stress non-profit world and become a flower farmer…right?), Knickerbocker was the name which felt the absolute sweetest, dearest, simplest, perfect to me (oh man, you should see the names my kids came up with! I guess I’ll share those at some point!)

As we are in this crazy life transition, selling our home, moving to wherever my husband will be putting his skills and talents to work next, I am planning. This is the place where I will share my plans. And eventually, hopefully not too much longer, I will share the journey of beginning Knickerbocker Flower Farm. From the land, to the soil, to the supplies and equipment to the seeds and bulbs and tubers…to the flowers.

This is going to be such a wonderful journey. 


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