Welcome to my journey!

Hello There! My name is Emily.


I’m married to a boy named Ian.  We’re pretty much different in every way, yet we happened to fall madly in love during the play “West Side Story” in the Spring of 1999. One thing we’re working on as a couple is recognizing my strengths fill in his weaknesses and his strengths fill in mine. It’s totally not a bad thing, we’re pretty damn complimentary.

We have a life that we are working on intentionally creating…with our main focus these days on learning how to navigate this crazy midlife crisis we seem to be going through, which includes health challenges, job loss, financial troubles…all the things!

We have 4 children: 3 wonderfully happy and creative boys and 1 sharp as a whip girl. We used to be heavily involved in the betterment of our community, specifically in the public education realm, yet this is evolving and ever changing. Through it all, we strive to create a better future for our children.

We love music. We love travel. We love learning. But most of all, we love each other and are determined to create an intentional, vulnerable, joyful life together. And you can read all about it in my writings and on  my older blog. You can also follow along on Pinterest, if that’s your jam. I curate LOADS of ideas on living a life of wealth and abundance (in all its forms!)

You can also follow me on the two places I hang out most: Facebook and Instagram

Still here and want to know more? Well, I have a sort of moral code I live by.

It goes like this:

  • I believe seeking Joy in the Journey is vitally important. Learning to delight in our days, regardless of our challenges, trials and setbacks. Focusing on the joy, the good, instead of the negative and bad (which we ALL have) will produce more joy and goodness in our lives.
  • I believe vulnerability is one of the key components to a life well lived. I have multiple chronic illnesses. I don’t like to keep quiet about them because I want everyone else who is struggling to see that they are not alone…and when dealing with a chronic illness, you feel very alone. I’m trying to change the stigma that talking about our struggles means we are looking for attention. I am trying to normalize sharing REAL life, all of it, the hard, the ugly, the messy…and of course, the amazing.
  • I believe in Intentionality. I believe there is power in intentionally directing your thoughts, desires, hopes and beliefs towards what you want. What you think you become. What you speak you attract. What you focus on expands.

I would LOVE it if you would join with me as I take on the daily task of striving to live out my code.

And while I’m sharing…

My goal with all this writing and sharing is to inspire and guide as many women {and men, I won’t discriminate!} to create their own moral code. And in doing so, create a life that is INTENTIONALLY designed. To live a life of VULNERABILITY. To find JOY in the daily journey.


Here are some nice things people have said about my writing

(because you should ALWAYS share when people say nice things about you!):

“I’m really enjoying reading your blog! You make me think. I have added it to my RSS reader so I don’t miss any. Thanks for your words of wisdom.” -Cathy

“This is a refreshing post, ” -Sherry

“Hitting nails On the head again friend” -Angel

“I love this!” -Kimberely

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